Move Your Mind With Pilates

Pilates is my go to for all things wellness, I honestly feel like a different person after even just an hour session. It relieves my back problems, makes me feel calm, makes me feel good about myself and helps me to feel like me. See more benefits here.

I’ve practiced it on my living room floor with a DVD, on my roof top in Panama under the stars and in a centre with an instructor, both one to one and as a group. Although I found following a DVD to be great, the difference in attending a class with someone to guide and correct you is invaluable. It makes all the difference, especially if you are looking go for rehabilitation.


This week I’ve decided to focus on Mindful Movement with particular focus today on Pilates. To encourage and hopefully inspire you, I have recorded part of today’s session, however, as I’m 8 months pregnant my class is a little different to how it would normally be. Let’s just say I’m a little limited in my movements!

This was videoed by my instructor ‘Carol’ at @pilatesbct in Madrid who is really patient and knowledgable. In my first pregnancy I didn’t attend Pilates and so being able to make a comparison with and without has opened my eyes to just how much it helps. The more pregnant I have become, the worse my back feels so attending a session as often as I can makes all the difference.

If you’re interested in starting Pilates, I would say go for it! You don’t need to have a certain fitness level or be a certain age, it honestly is for everyone and anyone.  I’ll be putting a list of English speaking Pilates centres in Madrid in case the language barrier is worrying you and perhaps preventing you from trying it out … so make sure you keep an eye out. You can also find a beginner video on my Facebook page or search google – there are so many options.

Happy #MindfulMovement week everyone!

Love MindfulMadrid x


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